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The Marche Region

Marche: between sea and mountain, a paradise to discover

Overlooking the Adriatic Sea in the centre of Italy, with a little more than 1.5 million inhabitants scattered in the five provinces of Ancona, Pesaro and Urbino, Macerata, Fermo e Ascoli Piceno, the Marche is the only italian region with a plural name.
Characterized by the presence of the Apennines, that mildly slopes along the valleys until the sea, this region stands out for its uncommon beauty. This particular feature made it a land where remarkable personalities, such as Giacomo Leopardi, Raffaello, Giovan Battista Pergolesi, Gioachino Rossini, Gaspare Spontini, Matteo Ricci and Federico II were born.

There is a good number of good reasons why spending your holidays camping in the Marche, a unique region able to astonish and fascinate even the most demanding tourist. Blue sea, extremely long beaches, cities of art, pure landscapes and tasty traditional dishes make this amazing region particularly hospitable. Hills plenty of olive trees, vineyards, sunflowers and lavender, and the ancient villages with their city walls portray the whole Marche's territory.

The Marche region, with its regional parks, clear sea, rich artistic and cultural heritage, provides the tourist the perfect holiday opportunity. The territory offers hospitality in many modern campsites and tourist resorts deep in the green or overlooking the sea of the provinces of Pesaro, Ancona, Macerata, Fermo and Ascoli Piceno.

camping marcheThe province of Pesaro and Urbino is delimited to the north by the Foglia river, to the south by the Cesano river and to the west by Monte Catria. It has an area of 2.564 km2 and a total population of 365.788 inhabitants. Its territory, composed by 60 municipalities, corresponds to the historical and geographical region of the ancient Duchy of Urbino.
Because of its flora and fauna features, in the area of Monte Carpegna has been established the Regional Park of Sasso Simone and Simoncello. Between Monte Pietralata and Monte Paganuccio is located the Furlo canyon, which is close to Acqualagna where a top quality product, such as the truffle, grows. The whole Apennines area of Pesaro is plenty of this fine tuber. The magnificence of nature and of history reflects itself in the so-called "Hills Riviera".

Pesaro's seaside resort is an unmissable destination for those who love tourism and camping holidays. Two main hills embrace this area - S. Bartolo hill on the northern side and colle Ardizio on the southern one - and in separating it from Fano they also ensure a mild climate for the whole year. Stopping off in these territories gives you the chance to discover the relationship between the city and the seaside, the rural and the urban landscape. Pesaro is well-known for Gioachino Rossini's musical compositions and Renata Tebaldi's voice. On the other hand, Urbino is the headquarter of an ancient University beckoning thousands of italian and international students. A common feature of the two cities is ceramic's handmade production.

Camping Psaro Camping Psaro Camping Psaro Camping Psaro Camping Psaro

camping marcheThe province of Ancona is delimited, along the adriatic coastline, to the north by the Cesano river, to the south by the Musone river and to the west by Catria and Strega mountains. It has an area of about 1.940 km2 and a total population of 478.319 inhabitants. Ancona, Marche's capital of province, is located on the Monte Conero promontory and directly overlooks the Adriatic Sea. This is the only high cliff coastal part of the Marche region, plenty of caves, rocks, bays and small sandy beaches.
The original regional flora was almost entirely composed by broad-leaved forests, with a predominance of the downy oak typology which can still be found in the Portonovo's bay. Ancona has the regional airport and the passenger harbour with connections available with the Balkans and Greece.

The city of Ancona is split into two parts: the old town centre is located on Monte Guasco whereas the modern part on the coastline. Ancona is full of charm, especially thanks to the Metropolitan Cathedral-Basilica of Saint Cyriacus and the Arch of Trajan reminding its greek and roman origins. The paper industry is one of the most famous in the Fabriano municipality. The Frasassi's Caves in Genga constitute one of the main points of interest of the territory.
The entire province of Ancona is a narration in progress; from Jesi, Arcevia, Sassoferrato, Camerano, Loreto, Corinaldo, Osimo, Castelleone di Suasa, Senigallia, Sirolo to Numana, but also among hamlets, towers and farmhouses. Among the different culinary traditions of the province stand out the stockfish and the typical brodetto all'anconetana.

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camping marcheThe province of Macerata extends itself between the river Potenza on the northern side, the river Tenna on the southern side and the Sibillini Mountains chain on the western one. It has a total area of 2.774 km2 and a population of 324.369 inhabitants. The territory has the typical apennine's landscape features: a flat coastal zone, mild elevations shaped by the rural work and the mountains, an ideal destination to practice winter sports.

Mountains, hills, valleys, forests and cultivated fields lead to the Marche's Adriatic coastline. Here, a natural multifaced scenario takes shape from Porto Recanati and Civitanova Marche, where, thanks to the many campsites and resorts, significant fishing and tourist activities have arisen. Macerata, the main administrative center, is located along the Potenza and Chienti valleys, surrounded by a green and graceful landscape and enlightened by the nature's colors. In the city there is the neoclassic Arena Sferisterio building, one of the most beautiful italian monuments. Within the province rise Recanati, Giacomo Leopardi and Beniamino Gigli's birthplace; Camerino which is the headquarter of one of the oldest Universities; Tolentino, tourist and religious centre and San Severino, city of art. Culture is the main character of this province, since the time when Matteo Ricci left Italy to reach China, opening a path to connect Europe with the Far East.

Camping Macerata Camping Macerata Camping Macerata Camping Macerata Camping Macerata

camping marcheThe province of Fermo is located, along the Adriatic coastline, between the Chienti river on the northern side, the Aso river on the southern side and the Sibillini Mountains chain on the western one. It has a total area of 860 km2 and a population of 177.480 inhabitants. This province has the typcal features of the Apennine landscapes, with peaks 2.000 m high, canyons and deep crevasses, a flat coastal zone and a rich hilly inland. Thanks to a particularly interesting and endemic flora and fauna typology, in 1993 the Sibillini Mountains National Park has been established. Along the main valleys, Valtenna, Valdete and Valdaso, biodynamic agriculture and industrial production are two flourishing sectors. The presence of rivers and the mildness of the cultivable hills made this area particularly suitable for the first settlements during the Picentes and Roman period.

The charm of the Fermo province leaks through hamlets and abbeys, through Carlo and Vittore Crivelli's Madonnas and through Osvaldo Licini's paintings. In this area it is still possible to find professions that seemed almost extinguished, such as branches of the productive footwear industry and its top products which are still highly widespread. Almost the whole industrial activity is focused in the main administrative centre, hosting thousands of small footwear companies owned by the major italian and international stylists. However, the core of the territory is Fermo, born as an ancient roman colony, it slowly became a castles lordship and nowadays a University headquarter. A visit to the Aquila Theatre is highly recommended.

Camping Fermo Camping Fermo Camping Fermo Camping Fermo Camping Fermo

camping marcheThe province of Ascoli Piceno is delimited, along the Adriatic coastline, by the Aso river on the northern side, by the Tronto river on the southern side and by the Sibillini Mountains chain on the western one. It has a total area of 1.228 km2 and a population of 213.586 inhabitants. Ascoli Piceno is the most southern province of the Marche region.
The territory slopes from the Apennines to the coastline through mountains and hills, starting from the Sibillini Mountains, located on the south-western side, that define the border with the Umbria region. The broken ground typology of the Ascoli side, made this area deserving toponyms often related with hell. Hills are formed by crumbly rock, frequently subject to erosion, sandstones and badlands phenomena, pebbly and sandy terraces close of the seaside.

The main administrative centre, Ascoli Piceno, kept this name even after the Romans conquest, to underline and maintain a connection with its founders. The narrow and sandy coastline is full of resorts offering many campsites, which are of great tourist interest. San Benedetto del Tronto, for instance, has an important role in the regional economy, in the tourism and in the fishing activities, especially in the frozen industry. The mild climate of Grottammare and of Cupra Marittima, favored the growth of a rich tropical flora and the development of tourism. Among the typical products of the area, particularly remarkable are the "Olive all'ascolana" (deep-fried olives stuffed with meat) which are sold also outside the Marche region.

Camping Ascoli Piceno Camping Ascoli Piceno Camping Ascoli Piceno Camping Ascoli Piceno Camping Ascoli Piceno Camping Ascoli Piceno

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